Angel Vivaldi

East Coast Collective presents

Angel Vivaldi

Hyvmine, The Astral Cadence, Wait and Shackle

Sat 6/23

5:30 pm

$15.00 - $17.00

This event is 16 and over

Angel Vivaldi
Angel Vivaldi
Across his five solo albums, featuring various accomplished players
and producers, Angel Vivaldi has produced transcendent songs that
communicate dynamic and uncompromisingly intense emotions across
the full spectrum. Combining youthful exuberance with deep
reverence for the genre’s forbearers, Vivaldi has quickly ascended
to breathe the same creative air as the biggest names in rock
guitar through his artistically ambitious undertakings.

Vivaldi, starting his solo career in 2003, joined forces with the
newly reformed 40 Below Summer in 2008. He continued to release
multiple solo albums including the critically acclaimed Universal
Language in 2010, which has become a must-hear staple in today’s
instrumental album catalog. In 2012, Vivaldi joined supergroup Vext
featuring Tommy Vext (Bad Wolves, Divine Heresy) as well as members
from Mutiny Within. After the loss of his best friend to ALS in
2014, not long after the crowd-funded release of Away With Words
Part 1, Angel realized that the only thing worse than living with
regret would be to die with it. So in 2015, putting his confidence
and trust in his audience, Vivaldi quit his day job, committing
himself fulltime to his career in music.

His latest full-length album,
is a conceptual opus. It’s a dense exploration of the complex
actions and reactions of the mind which either inspire or mirror
(depending on one’s belief) the multitude of emotions each
individual experiences.

Vivaldi’s commitment to his art is total; during the recording
process, he painted and repainted his studio to correspond with the
mood of each song. Tracks like “Adrenaline,” “Oxytocin,”
“Dopamine,” “Endorphin,” and “Serotonin” musically elicit the exact
type of emotions implied by connotation.

sees Vivaldi joyously matching musical wits with a number of his
talented contemporaries. “Serotonin” features Nita Strauss (Alice
Cooper) who also appears in its corresponding music video; All That
Remains guitarist (and former Guitar World columnist) Oli Herbert
guests on “Dopamine”; tourmate Gus G. (Firewind, Ozzy Osbourne,
Dream Evil) joins “Oxytocin.”

Vivaldi is a strong, integral and exciting addition to the crew of
neo-virtuosos making progressive metal fans out of a new generation
of listeners and players; people like Tosin Abasi (Animals As
Leaders) and Misha Mansoor (Periphery). In late 2017, Angel Vivaldi
launched and headlined his annual The Guitar Collective Tour
featuring Scale The Summit, offering special masterclass
experiences as they traveled the United States.
The Astral Cadence
Wait and Shackle
Venue Information:
Amityville Music Hall
198 Broadway
Amityville, NY, 11701