East Coast Collective presents


Sargasm, The Muckrakers

Wed 3/13

6:30 pm

$20.00 - $22.00

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This event is 16 and over

The Muckrakers
In 2011, the band formed after a battle of the bands at POBJFK. The band was called "Jail For Kids", and consisted of Shanon Munoz on bass, Sean Martin on guitar and vocals, and Billie Golan on drums. After the battle of the bands being a flop, the guitarist left and Justin Macioch filled the void as guitarist. Before the first disband, we changed the name of the band to "The Muckrakers", and made our first single, "Killing Spree". Shortly after, Shanon had to leave for college, and the band broke up.
The following year, Shanon came back, and we got a new drummer, from the former grunge band "Nightmare's Fantasy", Jason Cohen. We had created one new song, not to be finished til a year later, unofficially changed the name to "Unofficial Punk Project" and performed a mini concert called "Munoz Stock". After that show though, we disbanded again til a year later.
We are now steam rolling songs out with the Nick White(who was a first a fan of Justin's other band "Reluctant Mortem") as our new drummer, and it's great. We are planning doing as many shows as we can!
Venue Information:
Revolution Bar and Music Hall
140 Merrick Road
Amityville, NY, 11701