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I Dreamt The Sea, Godseyes, Kraegeloth, Good Neighbor

Mon 6/10

6:30 pm

$10.00 - $12.00

This event is 16 and over

Actor Observer
I Dreamt The Sea
The first time I saw I Dreamt the Sea was at an underground metal/hardcore/noise rock show at All About Records, an independent label based in Taunton, Ma. Ever since that first show I’ve had high hopes for these guys. They take their music as serious as any professional band out there. This was back in November of 2014, and at the time they were pushing their last EP “Set An Open Course”. In short, that EP is definitely on the heavy side, and showed more of the metal aspects to their melodic hardcore sound. Since their last EP they have also released two acoustic tracks, which was very interesting to hear since one normally wouldn’t expect Kelly to be able to tone it back for an acoustic track. But the whole band actually pulls off this softer side very well. Their latest record sort of blends the heavier elements that composed “Set An Open Course”, and the softer aspects that were present in their two acoustic singles. It’s a brilliant combination that honestly redefines what a quote on quote-metal band is supposed to sound like.
“Say What You Mean/Mean What You Say” opens up with “Solace”, a short intro with this aura of sound that evokes a feeling of tranquility and quite literally solace. The intro breaks into “Dead Weight”, one of my favorite songs on the record. The mood lightens up with the opening riff; it’s a riff that stylistically and tempo wise, I could see being used by a heavier pop-punk/ lighter hardcore band like Such Gold. Skipping ahead a few tracks, “Four Ninety-Five” is where the pace starts to get picked up; it contains one of the heavier more prominent breakdowns on the album. The first part of the title track “Mean What You Say” is likely my favorite song on the record. Not only is the riff catchy as hell, but the band also gets really creative with the metering. It’s hard to put into words, but you’ll get my point when you give it a listen. The second half of the title, “Say What You Mean”, immediately follows this track. When it started I didn’t think I was going to like it; it began with this garage punk style to it. But things slowly started to blend in to the style that you hear on the rest of the record.
Skipping ahead once more to “BDK”, things start to take an interesting turn. It has a slightly more gloomy riff with prominent drum fills, and it’s at this point that I start to notice a few emotional hardcore aspects thrown in there. This mellow mood carries it’s way into the intro of the next track “Fair Weather Friend”. For the record, Jackie, the bands guitarist, is quite amazing here. Her writing style is very cohesive and balanced in the way she blends the lighter more melodic aspects, with the heavier elements of the bands sound. The contrast between these two makes for an interesting album to listen to; there’s always something new being thrown in. “Fair Weather Friend is an excellent example of the unique style that she brings to this record. The next song “Soul Contract” is actually a song that they released acoustically earlier this year. It sounds just as good being used in this medium. Later in the song they used some interesting flow with the vocals. They have this abrupt staccato feel to them, which works really well for the pace of the song. The record closes out with “Petrichor”, which contains one of my favorite moments on the record. The opening of the song has this openness to it; it has this sort of spatial airy quality to it that I absolutely love.

It is clear that I Dreamt The Sea has gone down a much different road than their previous releases, but it works so well for them. I hope this isn’t just some sort of experiment that they are going to try once, because I think they really have something here. Kelly, Jackie, Cassidy, and Jon all deserve so much credit for putting this together, because it’s not everyday that you listen to a record that’s so well balanced. Make sure you go check it out when it get’s released October 14th!

Written & submitted by Tyler Robidoux at Crowdsurf Central
Venue Information:
Amityville Music Hall
198 Broadway
Amityville, NY, 11701